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Information for British citizen in Münster

Gegensätzliche Richtungen? Großbritannien und die EU

Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union

The United Kingdom departed the EU at the 31.1.2020. The departure was a regulated departure.

In accord with § 1 Brexit-Übergangsgesetz (BrexitÜG) the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland count as part of the EU until the end of the transition period.

That means that the residence of British citizen and their family members suit after the regulations of the Freizügigkeitsgesetz/EU (FreizügG/EU), at least until the 31.12.2020.

New regulations for the time after the transition period will be prepared to regulate the residence of British citizen. For British citizen, who already live in Germany, the regulations will be close to the ones of the FreizügG/EU.

Those wishing to apply for a residence permit for the time after the 31.12.2020 are now able to do so at the Foreigners Registration Office in Münster.

Please send the completed form to this address:

Stadt Münster
Rechts- und Ausländeramt
Ludgeriplatz 4
48127 Münster

Until a decision has been made on the application, the applicant‘s stay in Germany is considered permitted.

Anyone who submits an application will first receive a letter of confirmation. The letter of confirmation serves as proof of the application and lawful residence in Germany. Applicants will later be invited for the issuing of a residence permit.


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