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Humanitarian grounds

Asylum procedure

If you would like to make an application for asylum in Germany, you must approach the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Its headquarters are in Nuremberg, but there are branches all over Germany.

The BAMF also makes decisions regarding applications for asylum. Residence is permitted for the duration of the asylum procedure. The Foreigners' Registration Office requires the temporary residence permit issued for the time of the asylum request procedure ("Aufenthaltsgestattung").

As a rule, the asylum application must be submitted personally to the nearest branch office or the responsible arrival centre of the Federal Office. For Münster this is the Landeserstaufnahmeeinrichtung NRW (LEA) in Bochum. The address is Gersteinring 50, 44791 Bochum. The LEA can be reached by telephone at 02931 82 - 6600.

After the decision

Provided that the BAMF has definitively recognised you as being entitled to asylum or has decided that you fulfil the conditions stipulated by § 60, para. 1 of the Federal Residence Act, you may approach us to apply for a residence permit and a travel ID for refugees.

In the event that your application for asylum is rejected, you will usually be required to exit the country. This means that you have to leave Germany. This will be determined on the basis of the decision by the BAMF, which is also binding for the Aliens Registration Office. In principle, you will be able to leave of your own volition.

You may be able to obtain financial aid for your departure from the ”International Organization for Migration“ (IOM).

Your contact partner in Münster is the social services department.

Residence on other humanitarian grounds

In the event that you have further questions regarding the issue of a residence permit on humanitarian grounds, please contact us.

Dublin procedure

On the one hand, the Dublin procedure of the European Union serves to ensure that an asylum application only needs to be examined by one Member State. On the other hand, this Member State is thus also responsible for the decision on the application and cannot simply "forward" the asylum seeker to another state.

If you are already registered as an asylum seeker in another EU member state, this state is usually responsible for the decision on your asylum application. In this case, the BAMF will check whether you need to be sent back to the other member state.
Further information on the legal basis and the course of the Dublin procedure can be found here:


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