Travel and visits

Foreign visitors

Those expecting visits from foreign relatives, friends or acquaintances may have to do more than stock up the fridge, change the bedding or think up interesting day trips.

Tourists from certain countries must apply for a visa from their local German representative office prior to visiting Germany. In many cases, they also require a letter of intent from the hosts, i.e. from you.

This is not merely a formality, but requires thorough consideration. After all, it requires you to provide a financial obligation and guarantee. You may submit the letter of intent to us.

Obliged – why?

The letter of intent confirms your guest's dates of travel to the authorities. However, it is designed, above all, to cover the risk of your guest not having enough money for his or her stay in Germany.

This declaration is made a condition of entry in order to ensure that the public authorities do not have to pay in this instance. As a result, you are obliged to cover all the costs incurred by your guest’s stay and departure. In the event that public authorities incur expenses as a result of your guest, you are obliged to reimburse these. This also applies in the event that your guest continues to remain in Germany illegally after visiting you.

In particular, costs include

  • livelihood
  • illness-related expenses such as doctor's fees, medicines and hospital stays
  • departure-related expenses, such as air tickets or journeys to the airport

Proof of sufficient health insurance coverage must be provided when applying for a visa. Almost all insurance companies will make you an offer. You can significantly reduce your personal financial risk by taking out a travel insurance policy.

Please bring the following with you…

The income of marital partners can only be taken into account when both of them appear in person.

If you wish you submit a letter of intent for your visitor, please bring the following with you:

  • your ID card or passport
  • your tenancy agreement, and in the case that you are a property owner, proof of your monthly mortgage repayments
  • salary statements from the last three months (including those of your spouse), pension approval certificate or current assets certificate after deduction of taxes by tax advisor

The original documents must be submitted..

alternatively you can bring:

  • a blocked account (regular account or passbook) with sufficient funds after consulting with the foreigners' registration office (passbooks will be deposited at the foreigners' registration office).


The current charge is € 29.00. We require the following information from your visitor:

  • full name
  • date and place of birth
  • nationality, passport number and address in home country.

In the event that the documentation and information are complete, you will be given the original copy, which you should send to your visitor. He or she should attach it to the visa application.


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