Travel and visits

Safe journey for school pupils

School trips mean a lot of work for schools, the moreso when travel abroad is involved and the class includes foreign children or teenagers. It invariably results in the same questions. Do they have the correct passports? Do they require a special visa?

We can relieve you of certain tasks in the case of journeys within the European Union (EU).

Journeys within the EU

Children and teenagers from Germany or an EU member state only require their children's ID card or normal ID card for school trips to EU countries.

Children from other countries require a national passport and a certificate of residential status. Experience shows that many pupils do not have their own passports or certificates of residential status, or require a visa because they are travelling to an EU country which is not a member of the Schengen states (such as Great Britain). Here, it is helpful to use the so-called ”traveller list”.

The traveller list

The traveller list allows you to cross all EU borders with children from other nations with no problem at all.

It works like this:
As a school, you compile a list of all pupils taking part in the trip and submit this to us.
We will require:

  • For each child: surname, first name, date and place of birth, nationality and a passport photo
  • journey destination and duration
  • names of teaching staff accompanying the pupils
  • € 12 administration fee per child

If possible, submit these documents 10 days before the journey is due to begin. Subsequently make an appointment with us to collect the list. The head teacher must confirm the accuracy information with an official seal, by stamping the original list.
And then it’s bon voyage!

Journeys outside the EU

In the event that the school trip is taking place in a non-EU country, all pupils require passports and usually visas.

In this case, please contact the representative office in the country in question directly.


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