Der Prinzipalmarkt in der Adventszeit

Christmas markets

Christmas markets 2024
November 25th to December 23rd, 2024
Sunday to Thursday 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Arrival by bus and train

Arrive environmentally friendly with the city bus

On Advent Saturdays, the city buses run according to the Saturday timetable at 30-minute intervals until around 8 p.m., with some routes running every 20 minutes. After this, the night bus timetable begins with half-hourly journeys until 11 p.m., followed by an hourly service with the last departure at 1.05 a.m. from Münster main station. On Advent Sundays, the city buses run on the day and night network according to the timetable for Sundays and public holidays.

The timetables at the bus stops and the timetable information on the Internet provide information about the exact departure times of the city buses. Mobile information in real time via the free "münster:app" from Stadtwerke Münster and the QR codes at the bus stops are also helpful when travelling.

Mobile service for download: münster:app


Traveling climate-friendly by bus and train from the region.

The express and regional buses to Münster usually run every hour until around 8.30 pm on the four Saturdays during Advent and, with a few exceptions, operate as on other Saturdays. On high-demand routes or at busy times, the routes run two to three times an hour. For the return journey to the region, additional journeys are planned on the S30, S60, S70, S/X90, R11, R32, R51 and R73 lines from Saturday afternoon. On Advent Sundays, the normal timetable for Sundays and public holidays applies to all express and regional bus routes. In addition to this, there will also be additional services on weekdays during Advent. The departure times can be found on the relevant notices or leaflets of the transport providers.

The regional trains (RB), which serve all stations in the Münster city area, run at least every hour every day. At weekends, there are late connections from Münster main station on all routes until after midnight. In addition, the regional express (RE) trains on some main routes provide more frequent services.

Timetable information

Information on the current timetables of city and regional buses as well as regional trains can be obtained from the transport hotline "Schlaue Nummer für Bus & Bahn" on 0 800 6/50 40 30 (personal information) and the "Sprechende Fahrplan" on 0 800 3/50 40 30 (automatic information), both free of charge from all German networks.

WestfalenTarif: Tickets and timetable info

Timetable information is also available on the Internet at: 

Coaches are welcome

Coach companies can once again use the "Schlossplatz Nord" car park to park their coaches during the Christmas markets. This car park is centrally and conveniently located and can accommodate up to 130 coaches. The Old Town and the Christmas markets can be reached on foot in just a few minutes.

The coach parking fee per day is 20 euros on Sundays to Fridays and 25 euros per coach on Saturdays. Included services: All passengers receive a free Advent Pocket Plan, which presents the Christmas markets and cultural offerings during the Advent season. And every bus driver receives a meal voucher worth 5 euros, which can be redeemed in several restaurants near the Schlossplatz.


Arrival by car

Parking - Shuttling - Shopping

On the four Advent Saturdays, the multi-storey car park at Coesfelder Kreuz with its almost 1000 parking spaces will once again be available for the "Park, Shuttle, Shop" P+R service. This P+R service offers visitors travelling via Steinfurter, Grevener or Weseler Straße (A43) in particular a good opportunity to park their car and change to the bus. You can park in this multi-storey car park for just 5 euros per day. Up to five people can then use the parking ticket to travel on city buses from Coesfelder Kreuz to the city centre at no extra cost: Lines 11 and 12 with a connection to the "Aegidiimarkt" stop and lines 1 and 5 with a connection to the "Altstadt/Bült" stop are available for this purpose. If you would like to use this service, you will find the route via appropriate signs in the street. If you are using a satnav, enter "Domagkstraße 62" as the destination. The car park is open on the four Advent Saturdays from 9 am to 11 pm.

Other P+R facilities in Münster: You can take the bus to the city centre all year round from the Weseler Straße and Albersloher Weg/Nieberdingstraße mobile stations or from the P+R car park at the Preußenstadion (Hammer Straße), every day, including in the run-up to Christmas. At these P+R facilities, you only have to pay for the bus journey, parking is free. Anyone wishing to use these P+R facilities should follow the relevant signs.

The P+R sites are also listed in the Stadtwerke Münster's interactive route network map.

Drivers who want to find a parking space in the city centre are advised to follow the parking guidance system. It shows the way to the central multi-storey car parks and larger public car parks and displays the currently available parking spaces. These are also available on the Internet at:

Incidentally, the number of free parking spaces can also be called up using the free WBI app and the free münster:app from Stadtwerke Münster, and the opening hours of the parking garages are also stored in these apps.