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Welcome to the tour of the City of Münster!

This site enables you to experience Münster from several different angles.
We have compiled four themed tours, which we hope will be of interest and which will take you

  • through historical Münster (42 panoramic views),
  • through the city of sculptures (28 panoramic views; video at position 24 and position 27),
  • to eight museums (in some cases with virtual tours of the museums themselves) and
  • through "Green Münster" (41 panoramic views).

For an overview of the tours, please click on the "Tours" button.

You can also explore Münster on your own initiative. Points of special interest are displayed on the map by clicking on the "Points of Interest" button. By clicking on the red human figure with the left mouse button and dragging it to one of the points shown, this point will be displayed on the screen in the form of a panoramic view.

To experience the all-round 360 degree view of the panoramic images, you can, for example, click on it with the left mouse button and, keeping the button depressed, drag it in any direction. By clicking on the arrows, you can move on to the next panoramic view point. The "i" buttons that appear on the screen allow further windows to be opened, with information for reading (facts in brief, links to obtain additional information), listening (glockenspiels) and viewing (photos, video).

The virtual tours are at their most enjoyable when viewed in "full screen" mode (navigation bar at the bottom, 2nd button from the left).

Tip: Clicking on the letter symbol (navigation bar, right-hand button) will cause the Internet address of the panorama currently displayed on the screen to be temporarily saved; you can then send this image by email as a virtual picture postcard to friends and acquaintances.