Welcome to Münster Public Library (Stadtbücherei Münster)

During library opening hours users have access to a wide variety of media and resources.

The most important in brief


The following items are available for borrowing:

  • Non-fiction and specialist texts
  • Literature and light fiction
  • Children’s and young person’s books
  • Language learning programs
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Country and city maps
  • Comics and board games
  • Audiobooks and films
  • Music CDs and music scores
  • Software and computer games  

… in addition we offer:  

  • Computers (with Internet and Office software)
  • Printers
  • WLAN (not at the Hansaplatz branch)
  • Access to online services including PressReader
  • Rosetta Stone Language Courses
  • muensterload.de
  • Reading and study areas  

... and at the central library (Alten Steinweg):  

  • Bookable, cost-free, study rooms
  • A language learning room
  • Scanner
  • Piano room
  • Gaming room

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Library Membership Card

With your library card you can borrow items from the central library, all branches, and the bookmobile.

To apply for a library membership card you need to

  • provide a personal identification card, OR an identification document with photo and a city registration card and
  • pay a membership fee  

Your library card is not transferable.

Please inform the library immediately on a

  • Change of residence
  • Change of name
  • Loss of library card

Otherwise you could be held responsible for the misuse of your library card.

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How long?

The loan period is 4 weeks, or 2 weeks in the case of periodicals and specially marked media.

How many items?

Users may borrow up to 30 items at a time.

How much does it cost?

  • Users over 18: may choose to pay a quarterly, an annual or a one-day fee.
  • Users under 18: borrowing is for free.
  • All age groups: films, games, audiobooks, which are labelled as rental items (indicated with a "€"), are subject to an extra rental cost.

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How often?

The loan period for any item may be renewed twice, as long as no one else has requested the item. Interlibrary loan items (interloans) may not be renewed.


  • on the Internet using the online catalogue / your library membership account: www.stadt-muenster.de/buecherei (the item must not be past its due date)
  • over the service telephone (251) 492 4242 (Monday - Friday 10  a.m. to 1 p.m.)
  • at the service counter in the library
  • on our computers using the online catalogue.

How much?

Films, games, audiobooks, CDs and software labelled as rental items will incur a further rental charge, for the renewal period.

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Check the due date on the return slip issued when you borrow (an) item/s. Any item returned past its due-by-date will incur an overdue charge.


Borrowed items can be returned:

  • at central library, in all branches and in the bookmobile during opening hours
  • at central library on Alten Steinweg using the after-hours return slot (library card required).


Please treat all borrowed items with care. Any loss of, or damage to, a borrowed item will incur charges.

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Reservations / requests


Items out on loan to another borrower can be reserved. Items not out on loan can be requested.


Reservations can be made by all library card holders who have paid their annual or quarterly fee:

  • at central library and in all branches at the information counter
  • on our computers using the online catalogue
  • over the Internet using the online catalogue. You will be notified when your reservation is available to be collected

Requests can be made:

  • over  the Internet using the online catalogue
  • over the service telephone (251) 492 4242 (Monday - Friday 10  a.m. to 1 p.m.).  

What does it cost?

Once put aside for you, reserved and requested items incur a charge of €2.00 (two euros). The amount will be charged, even if you should no longer wish to borrow the item/s.

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Fees at a glance

Fees at a glance: Library membership card / registration
Issuing a pass
For adults5 euros
Children and juveniles under 18 years3 euros
with Münster Passfree
Replacement pass
Replacement pass if lost     5 euros
User fees age 18 and over
for 1 day5 euros
for 3 months (90 days)8 euros
for 12 months (365 days)24 euros
with Münster Pass12 euros
Additional loan fees
films, games, audiobooks, music CDs labelled rental with a "€"; per item1 euro
Preorder / reservation
per copy2 euros
Interlibrary loan request
per copy3 euros
Overdue fees
per copy and day from the
Adults' range
0,50 euros
Children's range0,30 euros
Piano room, per hour 3 euros 3 euros
Cloakroom keys
replacement of a lost key       10 euros
The use and charging regulations of the Münster Municipal Library are available on request from the information points.

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AaseemarktGoerdelerstraße 51 - 53
Telephone 02 51/75 41 99
CoerdeHamannplatz 39
Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 66
Hansaplatz Wolbecker Straße 97
Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 55
Kinderhaus In the Bürgerhaus
Idenbrockplatz 8
Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 77
Gievenbeck-Auenviertel (in La Vie)
Dieckmannstraße 127
Telephone 02 51/3 99 45 88
GievenbeckBücherei St. Michael
Enschedeweg 2
Telephone 02 51/1 35 66 91
Bookmobile (Bücherbus)Stopping places in city areas.
Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 44
Timetable available in the daily newspaper, at central library, in all branches, and in Internet

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Münster Public Library (Stadtbücherei Münster)
Stadtbücherei Münster
Alter Steinweg 11
48143 Münster

Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 42
Fax 02 51/4 92-77 24

Opening hours

For information about current opening hours:
Telephone 02 51/4 92-42 42