Farbverlauf Summit


The perspective of the youth was and is a centerpiece of the anniversary 375 years of the Peace of Westphalia. Therefore, also on Oct. 24, a dynamic young debate, with international guests will kick off at the theater, organized by MUIMUN in cooperation with the City of Münster. The event will link diverse viewpoints and explore the profound concept of peace in our complex global landscape. It is divided into three different formats: Discussion, Interview and a Town Hall Debate, in which everyone can participate.

Event Schedule

  • 11:30 AM: Entry
  • 12:00 PM: Event Commencement and First Format: Debate
  • 01:00 PM: Interview with Ms. Gbowee on the African Perspective, Women Empowerment and Peace Activism
  • 01:20 PM: Town Hall Debate
  • 02:00 PM: Event Conclusion

Featured Speakers and Their Perspectives

Each guest will present a unique perspective, expertise, and cultural background, highlighting the striking contrast in the perception and pursuit of peace around the world.

  • Sher Malik: MUN Couch of Young Diplomats (Pakistan Perspective)
  • Halil Tomur: MUIMUN Teamer (Youth/Student Perspectives)
  • Markus Lenzen: UN Global Peace Fund Manager (UN and USA Perspectives)
  • Prof. Dr. Ummu Salma Bava: Professor of International Studies and Indian Foreign Policy (Indian Perspective)
  • Laxman D. Pant: Nepalese Journalist and founder of NGO named Media Action Nepal (Asian Journalism Perspective)
  • Leymah Gbowee: Peace Activist, Women’s Empowerment Advocate, and Nobel Prize Winner 2011 (African Perspective)

The Organizers

The MUIMUN (Münster University International Model United Nations) Team is driven by a passionate team of student volunteers associated with Münster MUN e. V. that brings together over 200 students within the historic walls of Münster Castle to simulate a United Nations and engage in substantive discussions on pressing international matters, each year.