Farbverlauf Summit

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Klaus Richter (Vorstand Sparkasse Münsterland Ost), Bernadette Spinnen (Leiterin Münster Marketing), Oberbürgermeister Markus Lewe und Wilhelm Weischer (Vorstandsvorsitzender Bürgerstiftung).

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The anniversary program thrives on the active participation of Münster’s citizens. Here we present some of the projects:

Helping to shape peace

Historisches Bild: Einzug der Gesandten 1643 zu den Friedensverhandlungen in Münster

What we celebrating?

We are celebrating the "Miracle of Westphalia" - the Peace of Westphalia, which was concluded in Münster and Osnabrück in 1648, now 375 years ago. In 1648, something was achieved whose world-historical significance we can only grasped in retrospect: Here, a foundation was laid for modern international law and for the emergence of a European peace order of equal states.

Peace of Westphalia

"Münster für Frieden", so lautet der Schriftzug aus Tausenden Eisbegonien im Jahr 2022 am Kanonengraben an der Promenade.

Why do we celebrate?

The impact of the events that took place in 1648 still resonate in our current time. The Peace of Westphalia was miles ahead of its time. It contained innovative and creative features that are still worth reflecting on today, especially viewed in light of the current conflicts around the world. The Peace of Westphalia was not a peace by victory, but rather a peace through negotiation and understanding. The various parties involved in the Thirty Years’ and the Eighty Years’ war, negotiated a peace through dialogue, even though they initially did not want to talk with each other.

The Background

How do we celebrate?

“375 years Peace of Westphalia” is a project by, and for the entire city society. The program consists of thought provoking, encounter- and dialogue-oriented events linked to the current conflicts but with a link to the past. Two dates from 1648 are standing out in our program. Namely, May 15th, the Peace of Münster, ratification of the peace signed between the Spanish and the Dutch ending the Eighty Years’ war and October 24th, signing of the Peace of Westphalia.

The Year of Peace