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Right of residence

In the section "Right of residence" you will find all the important information for your life in Germany. Do you need a residence title? Would you like to extend your residence permit? We will take care of your residence permit, toleration, permission or settlement permit. You can make an appointment here:

Section "Right of residence"

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Municipal Integration Centre

The Münster Municipal Integration Centre (Kommunales Integrationszentrum - KI) works for people who themselves or whose parents have immigrated from abroad ("people with a migration history"). We want to improve their chances and opportunities to participate in education and other areas. We provide advice on our and other services. We make actors and multipliers aware of forms of discrimination and train them to make their work less discriminatory. We are responsible for the migration model of the city of Münster. In it, we develop goals and principles for living together in Münster together with many groups and people.

Municipal Integration Centre