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You have a vacant job?
We offer you the matching personnel.

Test the new Jobcenter service for employers in Münster. This is what we offer you:

  • the largest pool of applicants in the whole of Münster 
  • a placement that really fits
    After all, we know our job-seekers personally, with their strengths (and weaknesses). 
  • quality, not quantity.

You tell us your requirements, we make a critical pre-selection and present suitable applicants to you.
Experience shows: normally, the right candidate is found in the first round of applicants.

And if we don't have the personnel to fit your post, we also tell you - and that's a promise!

Our team

Our consultants have divided the various economic classes up amongst one another. In this way, they can concentrate on the requirements in "their" area even better. They look forward to you getting in touch with them directly:

Simon Pietschmann

Team management

Simon Pietschmann
Tel. 02 51/6 09 18-483

Frank Schuerhoff

Administration & Clubs

Frank Schuerhoff
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 11

Hans-Ulrich Pott

Callcenter, industry, security companies, warehousing

Hans-Ulrich Pott
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 12

Cindy Schalke

Cleaning companies, traffic, financial service, advertising agencies

Cindy Schalke
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 13

Tanja Niederbeckmann

Crafts, gastronomy, market gardens, hairdressers, motor vehicle branch

Tanja Niederbeckmann
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 15

Raphael Castelli

Wholesale and retail, administration, real estate

Raphael Castelli
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 16


Health & Social Work

Andrea Weber
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 18

Katharina Wieczorek

Personnel service companies and private job placement companies

Katharina Wieczorek
Tel. 02 51/4 92-91 19

Our service:

A clear situation quickly 
We are pleased to advise you on site in your company, also at short notice.

Personal support 
From the first contact through to the signed contract - and even further if required.

The competition for good apprentices is harder and harder, the search more and more time-consuming. Make use of our service here too!
Inquisitive? A call or a mail is enough. We will be pleased to visit you.

Financial support 
Things could match up, but the applicant is missing a specific qualification? In individual cases, we have recourse to funding, also for apprentices. Clarification is quick.

Munipical service center for work

Stadthaus 2
Ludgeriplatz 4
48151 Münster

Telefon 02 51/4 92-91 20
Telefax 02 51/4 92-92 93

Job, apprenticeship or mini-job needed?

The employers' and placement service presents selected posts to you and answers your questions on the job offers.
Thursday, 9 to 17 hrs.,
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