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Payments to secure sustenance

Münster Jobcenter grants payments to secure sustenance according to the Second Volume of the German Social Code (SGB II), to the extent that the prerequisites for the claim have been fulfilled.
The payments are made upon application. Here, a distinction is made between the first application and a further approval application. After the first application for a payment, an application for continued payment must be made for the further approval of the payments as per the end of an approval period.

The payments for basic securing are always individual payments taking your personal circumstances into account to the extent legally possible. This is why the amount of the payments is also always based on the individual prerequisites.

Your cooperation is necessary for correct calculation of the payments. For this reason, please get in touch with your responsible employee at the Jobcenter in the event of changes in your personal and economic situation (e.g. moving house, birth of a child, marriage, your partner moving in, changes in income, assets etc.).

In questions to do with Unemployment Benefit II, you can also contact your responsible employee by phone during the consultancy hours.

On our pages, we offer fundamental information on the calculation of the amount of payment. Specific claims for the individual case cannot be derived from this.


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