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Advice and mediation

A "job coach" as accompaniment

When you make your first application for Unemployment Benefit 2 with us in customer service, you will get an invitation to the first discussion with your personal job coach. This consultant accompanies you when you look for a job.
In the first discussion, you take a look at your current situation in life together. In this, many subject fields – vocational qualification, family situation, health - are put together to form a profile. The objective is finding out your chances on the labour market with the sum total of your abilities and possibilities. Your current situation determines the placement or support services which we offer you.

Advice for specific target groups

So that we can give job-seekers purposeful support in various situations of life, we have specifically qualified experts for the following groups:

  • Juveniles and young adults under 25
  • Single parents
  • Freelancers
  • Over 50’s
  • People in rehabilitation and people with handicaps
  • Migrants

Placement or support?

If direct placement in an employment relationship is promising after studying the basic data, your job coach looks for matching job offers in various media, and you can then apply for them.

If you see in the discussion that personal problems prevent direct placement, overcoming the problems (e.g. lack of linguistic knowledge, addictions, excessive indebtedness, threat of losing the residence) is then in the foreground. Your job coach knows the necessary network partners in Münster and their offers and can recommend suitable qualifications, language courses or expert consultancy offices to you.
But: Nothing works without you! The prerequisite for successful support is openness and trust and your active cooperation.

The integration agreement

You conclude a so-called integration agreement with your job coach. In it, the specific steps established in the discussion are recorded in writing for the further procedure, for example participation in support or qualification measures, work matters and applications to employers. The agreement bindingly documents the Jobcenter's offers, but also your duties within the framework of the payment of Unemployment Benefit 2.

At the next talk, you both discuss whether the agreed targets have been reached. Your profile data are supplemented and reviewed in order to check whether a placement in work is now possible.
An integration agreement is concluded for six months at a time, after which you conclude a new agreement, taking the experience gained up to that time into due account.

Our placement offer

With you, your job coach finds a target profession or a target apprenticeship to match your profile (for example "office management assistant" or "security employee"). Not only your abilities, strengths and qualifications play a role, but also the current chances on the labour market: which professions have a particularly high demand for employees?
This results in your applicant profile, for which you receive matching job suggestions from your job coach and also the munipical service center for work (KSCA) of Münster Jobcenter. This may also include jobs which do not completely match up with your career up to then, trained profession or study qualifications.

We expect you also to apply for a job in these cases and to accept employment which can reasonably be expected of you.



Your commitment is necessary!

We expect you to make intensive efforts to get a job: you develop initiative when looking for a job, put suitable application documents together and prepare yourself well for a job interview. If you need support, we shall be pleased to advise you.

In addition, we can offer you various possibilities of support, for example taking on the costs of the application and the journey to your job interview. You can find details in the point "Support Offers" - and naturally, your job coach is the right person to ask if you have any questions about this.


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