Payments to secure sustenance

Application procedure

First application

When you apply for Unemployment Benefit II for the first time, please go to the customer centre of the location of the Münster Jobcenter responsible for your area of the city during the opening hours. Here, your basic personal data will be recorded to start with. Please remember that the application must be made personally for this reason.

There, you will be given a date for a consultancy discussion, at which your personal and economic situation will be discussed. You will be given the application forms and a checklist with the documents necessary for the decision on your application. At the same time, a deadline for submitting the application will be agreed. If the documents are not presented completely or new facts become known at the consultancy discussion, you have to produce missing proof later.

Further approval application

Payments according to Volume II of the German Social Code are approved for six months as a rule.

If you depend on payments after this period of time, a further approval application is necessary.

As a rule, this further approval application is sent to you about four weeks before the end of the period of approval. However, automatic dispatch merely means the application form, an Annex EK and a certificate of income. Therefore, further annexes or forms normally have to be requested. So please check three weeks before the end of the period of approval whether such an application has been sent to you and whether it is complete - under your own responsibility. If this is not the case, please come to the Jobcenter customer centre in order to obtain the necessary forms.

So that we can ensure that there are no delays in payment, please make a further approval application at an early stage - best of all no later than three weeks before the expiry of the approval period.

Please enclose at least the following documents with your further approval application:

  • Application for further approval form (completely filled in and signed)
  • Form Annex EK for each member of the community of requirements above 18 (completely filled in and signed)
  • Certificate of income for income from gainful employment (filled in by your employer)
  • Form Annex EKS, if a member of the community or requirements exercises a freelance activity

If further changes have taken place with you, please submit proof of them in addition to your further approval application (e.g. proof of increases in rent or changes in your economic situation). This is necessary in order to avoid possible inquiries and delays caused by them in processing your application.


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