Ombudsstelle für das Jobcenter Münster

Mediation office for clients of the Jobcenter Münster


Frustrated with the Jobcenter?
Want to move, but the Jobcenter has denied it? You want further training, but the Jobcenter won't approve it? Do you have the feeling your arguments aren't being heard correctly? - Be advised of your options. 

You'll find neutral and independent help – for free - at the new mediation office ("Ombudsstelle") for the Jobcenter Münster.

The mediators work on a voluntary basis and are not affiliated with the Jobcenter. They speak with you to understand your situation. They advise you on your legal options and where you can find further guidance and support in Münster.

Your concerns will be treated confidentially. Contact with the Jobcenter – if any at all - will be made only with your consent.

Ideas and Feedback

The Ombudsstelle is the right address for more than specific complaints on an individual basis, it's also a place for general concerns and feedback that you can't or don't wish to share with the Jobcenter.

Not a substitute for legal process or social counselling

Please note: a visit to the Ombudsstelle is not a substitute for due legal process
You may only lodge a protest or bring suit at the Social Court of Münster against a ruling from the Jobcenter Münster. This information can be found on every ruling (instruction to right to appeal – Rechtsbehelfsbelehrung). Initiating contact with the Ombudsstelle does not stop this deadline. It also will not invalidate a ruling from the Jobcenter. 

The Ombudsstelle does not offer the assistance and guidance of the social offices and consultation services of charitable organizations, but is happy to refer to them:

  • Arbeiterwohlfahrt
    Hochstraße 12, 48151 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 77 94-0
  • Arbeitskreis International e.V.
    Beratung und Betreuung
    Dahlweg 112, 48153 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 29 73 51
  • Begegnungszentrum Sprickmannstraße e.V.
    Sprickmannplatz 7, 48159 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 21 69 58
  • Caritasverband für die Stadt Münster e.V.
    Haus der Caritas
    Josefstraße 2, 48151 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 5 30 09-0
  • Cuba Arbeitslosenberatung
    Guidance for the Unemployed
    Achtermannstraße 10-12, 48143 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 51 19 29
  • Diakonie Münster - Beratungs- und BildungsCentrum GmbH
    Guidance and Education Centre
    Branch office
    Hörsterplatz 2b, 48147 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 4 90 15-0
  • Kinderhauser Arbeitslosen Initiative KAI e.V.
    Professional guidance and support for people of all nationalities and religions
    Josef-Beckmann-Straße 5, 48159 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 26 36 89
  • Sozialbüro im cuba sic
    Social Office at the cuba
    Achtermannstraße 10-12, 48143 Münster
    Tel. (02 51) 5 88 56

Ombudsstelle für das Jobcenter Münster

Stadthaus 1
Klemensstraße 10
48143 Münster
Room 3.033

Tel. 02 51/4 92-70 69
Fax 02 51/4 92-77 04

Thursday and every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month
By appointment only