Consultancy and placement

Offers of support

There are various possibilities of supporting you on the path to a new job, starting with reimbursement of application and travelling expenses for job interviews down to a starting allowance. Your job coach selects the offer of support matching your situation together with you.

Measures for activation and vocational integration

To support your vocational (re-)start, there are various measures organised in different ways: with a provider, in a company or via private job placement. More about the measures for vocational integration

Placement budget

The start into vocational life can be supported by payments from the placement budget. Individually agreed supports are paid from this budget. They can be travelling expenses for job interviews, expenditure for application documents or also costs of working clothes or working equipment.

Starting money

Starting money can be paid if unemployed people start employment subject to social insurance with at least 15 hours of work per week or wish to go freelance and exercise their activity on a full-time basis. Whether starting money is paid and, if so, to what amount depends on whether the new activity prospectively ends the requirement for help in the sense of Volume 2 of the German Social Code and whether the support is necessary for integration into the general labour market.

Work opportunities

Work opportunities, also called “one Euro jobs”, are to give people receiving Unemployment Benefit 2 the chance of developing or also refreshing knowledge and skills making the start of a regular activity possible.
According to the statutory foundation (§ 16 d Volume 2 of the German Social Code), no employment relationship subject to social insurance originates with a work opportunity, which is why no wages are paid, but an indemnification for the additional expenditure incurred by participating, In Münster, this indemnification amounts to € 1.50 per hour. It is paid in addition to the unemployment benefit. If necessary, travelling expenses can be reimbursed separately.
The weekly working time is an average of 20 hours.
The duration of the participation is six months as a rule and can be extended to 12 months if this is necessary for integration into work. A work opportunity is in particular sensible for job-seekers who have not worked for a long period of time. With their participation, they can prove their ability to work well in applications for regular work.

In cooperation with various partners, the Münster Jobcenter offers opportunities of work in various fields of employment, for example environmental protection and landscape care, in the area of  transport and distribution, in libraries and museums and in crafts and in home economics.

Support of vocational further training

Job-seekers can considerably improve their chances on the labour market by participating in a further training measure. Such training measures can be supported financially. If the preconditions have been fulfilled, the Jobcenter issues a training voucher, with which the costs of the further training are assumed. Both the measure and also the provider must have been registered for support. More about support of vocational further training

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