Consultancy and placement

Supplementary personal aids

Perhaps your integration into labour is being made more difficult or even prevented by personal or family obligations or difficulties in your environment.

In cooperation with other offices and consultancy agencies, Münster Jobcenter offers you a variety of support and consultancy services to prepare or accompany your transition into work. Making use of them is voluntary and confidential.

Ask your responsible job coach or any other person working at the Jobcenter if you would like consultancy or assistance with the following subjects:

Looking after minor or handicapped children

The Jobcenter works together with the Office for Children, Juveniles and Families. To start with, the need for support caused by you starting work or training is clarified.
The requirement is derived from your times of absence from home, i.e. your individual working hours plus travelling times between the place of support and your workplace. Alongside regular support, possibly only holidays or short-term requirements will need covering. 
Even if there is no requirement for support at the moment, it is sensible to prepare looking after your children with a view to a future vocational activity at an early stage in most cases. The Families’ Office at the Office for Children, Juveniles and Families will give you extensive consultancy on the possibilities of support and, to the extent available, make a matching offer to you or bring about contact to other institutions.
Naturally, your children’s well-being is at the centre of attention in all considerations.

Domestic care of dependants

If you are involved in the domestic care of a dependant, starting work is often not possible or is made considerably more difficult.
Consultancy at the Care Information Office of the Social Office in the Public Health Department informs you about alternative possibilities of care, helps in finding financial support and in the search for suitable providers.
The requirements of the persons in need of care are in the foreground in this context.

Debtors’ consultancy

If your income is no longer sufficient to fulfil incoming payment duties properly after deduction of the fixed costs for residence, energy, telephone, necessary insurances and ongoing costs of living, then you are over-indebted.

Debtors’ consultancy supports you in the solution of your financial problems with two offers, which can be used individually or building up on one another:

  • Crisis intervention (appointment within 14 days)
  • Debt write-off consultancy

Together with you, a strategy tailor-made to match you in dealing with your debt situation is drawn up.
The Jobcenter works together with five consultancy institutions, all of which are suited to carrying our consumer insolvency consultancy.

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Psychosocial support

Many people affected by long-term unemployment need accompaniment, consultancy and support as a result of their current or previous situation in life in order to find their way back into working life. The requirement situations are just as varied as life itself. The Jobcenter provides you with an offer of various support performances in order to react suitably to your personal situation.

Psychosocial support via the Communal Social Service of the Office for Children, Juveniles and Families

The city’s Communal Social Service provides social work in all the areas of the City of Münster. In demarcation to other offers, this offer is aimed at people in whose households children are living or have lived. Consultancy and support by the Communal Social Service would like to stabilise and support you and help in clarification of questions which arise in connection with the subjects of families and education, separation or divorce as well as a problematic residential situation (e.g. threatened loss of a residence).

Psychosocial support via migration consultancy

People with a migration background need an offer doing justice to their specific requirements. The Social Office of the City of Münster supports a total of four consultancy agencies which concern themselves with these problems relative to the individual suburbs.
The consultancy offices of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (Workers’ Welfare Association), Caritas (Catholic charitable services), Diakonie (Social Welfare Office) and the Red Cross support and consult you in the following areas:

  • production of application documents and preparation for job interviews
  • consultancy on qualification, further education and language courses
  • consultancy and support in specific situations of life (e.g. debts, illness)
  • communication with offices and authorities
  • help in filling in forms and making applications
  • information about rights and duties while receiving payments
  • application for recognition of educational and vocational qualifications acquired abroad
  • organisation of child support

Psychosocial support via the Social Psychiatry Service of the Public Health Office

Mental health is an essential prerequisite in order to participate in working life successfully or to be able to join working life. Often, the borders between an illness and indications of overtaxing and strain cannot be clearly recognised. Your conduct and your condition make you and your dependants uncertain and make contact to other people more difficult. 
The social psychiatry service of the Public Health Office as a cooperation partner of the Jobcenter helps in assessment and clarification and supports arrangement of suitable assistance to improve the chances of integration. Possibly, proceedings for establishment of your ability to work will also be initiated. 
There are two offers: once a month, there is an open consultancy at the Jobcenter, which you can attend alone or accompanied by your job coach. As an alternative, there is also an offer of consultancy in your residential area, which comprises three to five discussions as a rule.

Addiction consultancy

Be it addiction to legal drugs (alcohol, medicines), illegal drugs (cannabis, heroin, cocaine) or certain forms of conduct (gambling, shopping, eating, starving)  – each addiction leads to great problems in everyday life. Re-integration into work is also more difficult, if not even impossible, in the event of addiction illnesses.
Addiction consultancy informs you of offers to overcome your addiction and supports you in the preparation of and application for suitable ambulant and stationary rehabilitation measures.
The Public Health Office is responsible for addiction consultancy with legal drugs and has commissioned to the Caritas and Diakonie charitable organisations with the consultancy. The Drugs Consultancy Office of the City of Münster consults and supports you in the area of illegal drugs

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