Year of Peace

Farbverlauf Summit

In the following, we list the highlights, some of which have been in the pipeline for quite some time now. The highlights can be divided into three main sections, resembling key aspects of the Year of Peace: "Understanding remembering peace as a current task," "Keeping peace alive today," and "Creating peace for the future."

The highlights in May

The events in May are thematically focused in “remembering peace and the obligation to do so for the present and future”.

Rathaus angestrahlt

May 12th: Opening of anniversary year

May 12th, marks the beginning of the anniversary year, therefore Peace needs to be made tangible in Münster.

Flagge der Niederlande

May 15th: Day of the Netherlands

A day of German-Dutch encounters takes place on the historic day of the ratification of the Peace of Münster.


May 20th: Peace-Table

The traditional "Hanseatic Meal" becomes a "Peace-Table".


The highlights in September

The re-occurring event series “1648: Dialogues for Peace” is this year especially aimed at schoolchildren, especially those with an interest in science. The main topic will deal with various aspects surrounding “monuments”.

Signet Dialoge zum Frieden

August 31 - September 7: 1648 Dialogues for Peace

The focus of the re-occurring event series “1648: Dialogues for Peace” is on schoolchildren, especially those with an interest in science and humanities. The main topic will deal with various aspects surrounding “monuments”.

1648: Dialogues for Peace

Dr. Steffen Skudelny (Vorstand Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, l.) überreicht den Staffelstab an Münsters Oberbürgermeister Markus Lewe.

September 10th: Open Monument Day

September 10th is national Open Monument Day ®, which this year will be officially opened in Münster. The Peace of Westphalia is of course deeply rooted in the cities DNA and perhaps more visibly in the monument landscape of Münster.

Open Monument Day

Ute Daniel erhält den Historiker*innenpreis der Stadt Münster.

September 27th: Historians* Prize

In 1978, on the occasion of the 330th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia, the Historian's Prize of the City of Münster was established. Awarding of this years Historian’s Prize, which has been awarded eight times to date, will also have a special place in this year’s celebration of the 375th anniversary.

Historians* Prize

The highlight in October

The conclusion of the Year of Peace is once more centered on the question: “How can Peace be created and preserved for the future?”

Eine stilisierte Darstellung der historischen Rathaus von Münster als Friedenssymbol.

Westphalian Peace Summit

On October 24, the historic date of the Westphalian peace treaty, the city approaches the topic of peace from different perspectives and with high-profile guests.

Westfalian Peace Summit