August 31 - September 7: 1648 Dialogues for Peace

The re-occurring event series “1648: Dialogues for Peace” is this year especially aimed at schoolchildren, especially those with an interest in science. The main topic will deal with various aspects surrounding “monuments”.

The annual series of events entitled: “Münster 1648: Dialogues for Peace”, are all focused on the stand-out feature of the Peace of Westphalia, negotiations, that ended the Thirty Years’ war on the European continent. In doing so, “dialogues for Peace” pays tribute to the precedent these negotiations set for future conflicts that needed resolution. By putting the history at the core, Münster takes responsibility for the present and future by reminding the world that peace through negotiation is the superior form of conflict resolution and peacekeeping.

In this jubilee year, “Dialogues for Peace” will again play an instrumental role in the festivities that mark 375 years Peace of Westphalia. Among the events planned are traditional pieces such as the Student Academy and a Scientific Conference. New this year is a School Action Week. More about these events and format can be found here soon.